The Amsler Grid Test

The Amsler Grid Test

The Amsler Grid test, used since 1945, is a grid of horizontal and vertical lines used to monitor a person’s central visual field. The grid was developed by Marc Amsler, a Swiss ophthalmologist. Source Wikipedia

1.       This test can detect early changes in retinal tissue due to fluid leakage, blood vessel growth, or traction.

2.       Do this test with reading glasses or through the bifocal segment.

3.       Hold the grid (checkerboard pattern) 30 cm from the eyes.

4.       Cover the left eye while looking at the center dot with the right eye.

5.       Answer the following questions:

a.       Did the squares around the dot change shapes or disappear when you covered one eye?

b.       Do you see all four corners and sides of the big square?

c.       Do you see all the little squares within the big square?

d.       Are there any holes, spots, or blurry areas?

e.       Do all the lines appear straight and parallel?

f.       Are any of the lines wavy, shiny, vibrating, or a different color?

g.       Do any of the squares look smaller or shrunken (as if you looked through the wrong end of a telescope)?

6.       Repeat step 5, now covering your right eye and looking with your left eye

8.       If you note any changes in how you see the grid, draw the changes on the grid and make an immediate appointment with your Optometrist.

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