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Eye Care for Adults

From 6 months to 65 years old, our patients receive a thorough exam utilizing the most current technology. State of the art technology such as retinal imaging, OCT and computerized visual fields provide the optometrist with better views and more information, improving disease diagnosis. This technology offers a ‘No-Dilation’ and ‘No-Drop’ option and many other benefits for the patient.

Specialised Eye Care for Children

Featuring ‘No-Drop’ Eye exams.

We take great care to assess your child’s whole visual system.  In addition to our thorough health and prescription testing, our pediatric exams also include evaluation of the visual efficiency skills children need to succeed in the classroom and baseline concussion screenings to help keep them safe during sports.

Contact Lenses

Soft and gas permeable contact lense fittings of all types are provided to adults and adolescents. We also specialize in fitting young children with contacts when medically necessary. Many new developments in the field of contact lenses are helping to alleviate the issues of the past such as GPC (allergy), dry eye, astigmatism and presbyopia (age-related near vision blur). We take care to prescribe new contact lense designs and materials to improve your vision, comfort and safety.

Contact Lense: Instructions

During the appointment, we will provide personalised instruction in the safe care and usage of your new lenses. Upon completion of successful contact lense instruction, you may begin wearing your lenses and we will schedule your first follow-up appointment.

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